United States

Goggles: Fatshark HD3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Skitzo Dark Matter Frame, Skitzo 2206-2450kv motors, Skitzo Revolt F4, Skitzo HQ 5x4x3 Props

Racing or Freestyle: Freestyle

Goggles: LOS only

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear:

Racing or Freestyle: What is freestyle?

Races Attended:

Races Won:

Years flying: 2.5

Goggles: Glyphs

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Evo Hd, revolt bolt stack, Rmrc rifles

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: 19 races attended

Races Won: 13

future plans: Continue attending big races

Years flying: Lots of them

Goggles: Dom HD v3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: revolt/ bolt/ warp8/ skinny kid

Racing or Freestyle: Freestyle

Races Attended: DN15/ DN16 (mainly a freestyle pilot remember?)

Races Won: I made it to the final race at DN15 on Gemfan 5030 props (does that count???). Quite possibly the most epic troll move in quad racing history. 90% of people reading this don't know what the Gemfan 5030 even is... or why this is funny... or why they are still reading this...

future plans: To keep ripping the sky a new one and hopefully inspiring people in the process.

Years flying: 2.5

Goggles: FatShark HD V3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: AstroX X5, Lumenier MX2206 2450kv, RF Revolt, RF Bolt 4in1, RunCam Swift2, TBS Unify Pro HV

Racing or Freestyle: Both

Races Attended: DRL, MDX, Drone Nationals 2016, Drone Worlds 2016, MultiGP Regional Finals 2016/2017, MultiGP Championships 2016

Races Won: DRL Level 4: The Ohio Crash Site, MultiGP 2A Regional Finals 2016

future plans: rip balls

Years flying: 2 Years

Goggles: FatShark Dom V3 w/ La Forge

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Lowepro Quadguard BPX2, Lumenier QAV-X, Lumenier MX2206-2450kv, TBS Unify Pro HV w/ TBS Triumph, Lumenier 650tvl w/1.8mm, RaceFlight 4in1 ESC, RaceFlight Revolt w/ RF1, Spektrum Telemetry Rx, Pulse Graphene 1550mAh 95c, GemFan 5x45x3 Master Series

Racing or Freestyle: Both

Races Attended: Drone Nationals 2015, Drone Nationals 2016, MultiGP 2B Regional Finals 2016, MultiGP Championship 2015, MultiGP Championship 2016, F3 Expo 2015, CFL 2016, MDX 2016, XDC 2 2016, XDC-HD 2017, Phoenix Cup 2016, Savona Mill 2016 DNQ, IDRA North American Cup 2016 DNQ, Stone Blue Airlines Multirotor Rundown 2016 DNQ, Royal Palm 2016 DNQ, Liberty Cup 2016 DNQ, Drones Of The Horizon 2016, Sebring 2017

Races Won: Drones Over The Horizon 2016, CFL 2016, Savona Mill 2016 DNQ

future plans: Drone Racing/Acro & Continuing To Be Apart Of The Industry

Years flying: 2 years

Goggles: Fat Shark hd

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Skinny Kid Twig Leo and Big deal

Racing or Freestyle: Both

Races Attended: 5

Races Won: 1

future plans: To just have have fun and fly with good people

Years flying: 2 1/2

Goggles: FatShark HD3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: BlackJackFPV Ace racing airframe, RaceFlight 2308 2600kv motors, RaceFlight Bolt 4-in-1 ESC, RaceFlight Revolt v3 flight controller, AceHE 75C 1500mah 4S lipo, DAL Cyclone 5046C propellers, TBS Crossfire and Unify Pro HV, Foxeer Arrow Micro camera

Racing or Freestyle: Racing and some freestyle

Races Attended: So many :)

Races Won: 3rd place MultiGP Sebring 2017, 1st place with Team USA at Drone Worlds, many others

future plans: Attend as many events as possible and continue up the path of drones as a career!

Years flying: 1

Goggles: Fatshark Dom v3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: RF SPEC 3"; Merica frame, bolt/revolt combo, warp 8 2308 2600kv; merica frame,bolt/revolt combo, redhulks 2306 2450kv; flaco stretch x, revolt/bolt combo,cobra 22072600kv.

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: 2017 MultiGP regional series qualifier and finals. 2 chapter races. 3 rogue Fpv events.

Races Won: 1

future plans: My goal is to Fly all of the races I possibly can!

Years flying: 8 years

Goggles: Fat shark hdv3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Xhover win5, Raceflight 2308 2300kv motors, Bolt v2 esc, Raceflight revolt v3, foxeer arrow micro, unify pro hv

Racing or Freestyle: Both are awesome, but racing is better

Races Attended: Multigp international open 2017, Multigp nationals 2017, and a bunch of smaller races

Races Won: Multigp national champion 2017, top 16 at international open, 1st place 3D regional finals

future plans: I'd like to fly for an airline or become an aeronautical engineer

Years flying: 5

Goggles: hd2

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Foss 2 2205 2522kv / zmx finx 23 revolt HW 40a rotor esc/ bolt soon :-) run cam micro unify

Racing or Freestyle: Racing Racing Racing!!!!! :-)

Races Attended: MDX(10), IO(n/a), MulitGP Nats(100ish), Md state champs (5), and a bunch of local stuff.

Races Won: none :( I've gotten podium at my local chapter a couple of times.

future plans: Race fast! I also want to make more youtube vids.

Years flying: RC in general: 14 years FPV: 3.5 years

Goggles: Dominator v2's

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Flynoceros Cerberus, 2205 2600kv RF motors, RK 5040'a or 5045's, RF 4 in 1 esc, Revolt, Unify Race edition, RunCam v2, Pulse 1500 Graphines.

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: 55

Races Won: 21

future plans: Fly Till I Die

Years flying: 3 Years

Goggles: Fatshark HDv2

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Predator Racing Quads - RSX226 XNova Motors - 2207-2500Kv AceHE - 4S 1500 75C RaceFlight - Revolt (RF1)(Reverse Motors) Racebee 30A ( Multishot ) RaceKraft - 5051 ImmersionRC - TrampVTX Spektrum DX7s 6db mod - AutoBind RX

Racing or Freestyle: RaceFlight !!! but can do both.

Races Attended: 32

Races Won: 18

future plans: I want to make FPV or anything FPV drone related my career.

Years flying: 3

Goggles: Fatshark HD3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Flynoceros Cerberus, Tmotor F60, Racerbee 30, Revolt, Swift, Unify Race

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: MultiGP National Championships (2016), XDC 3 and XDC_HD, Drone Worlds 2016, Dallas Fall Classic, DRL season 2

Races Won: Dallas Fall Classic, XDC 3

future plans: World Domination, control the worlds supply of chocolate.

Years flying: 2

Goggles: Fat Shark Attitude V3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Quad Monsters Wyvern 210 Revolt V2 FC, Angry Beast 30a esc, T-Motor F40V2, TBS Unify Pro HV vtx, TBS Triumph antenna, Runcam Swift 2 FPV cam

Racing or Freestyle: BOTH

Races Attended: 2017 Sebring Expo, 2016 World Drone Prix Dubai, 2016 MultiGP Championship, 2016 Drone Nationals 2016 CFL FPV (Florida) 2015 MultiGP Championship,

Races Won: Sebring Expo (5th place)

future plans: Move to Colorado


Years flying: 2-3 years flying and just started racing.

Goggles: FS Dom V3 / HD3 Soon?

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Floss V1+V2 and Flyno Eather. Revolt/Bolt combos on most of them, however some have a Spedix 30amp in. I use Hyperlight Team Edition 2206-2522kv motors on most of the quads, eventually I want to be using full RaceFlight gear!

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: Ottawa Cup, Montreal Drone Expo, FPV Can Winter Series, International Open, RotorQuest RipFest 2017, FatShark Frenzy, Canadian Drone Nationals, > MDX 2017

Races Won: Ottawa Cup, RotorQuest Rip Fest

future plans: Keep getting faster, go to as many races as I can, and have some fun winning races!


Years flying: 3 Years

Goggles: Fatshark Dominator HD v3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Strallereiter 220 Brotherhobby Returner R4 2300kV Raceflight Revolt Racekraft 5051 TBS Unify Pro HV

Racing or Freestyle: Racing only :D

Races Attended: FPV Race Friedewalde 2016, FPV Air Show 2016, Sachsencup 2016, S-G FPV Race Nördlingen, Austrian Drone Masters, German Nationals, DCL Romania, Netherland Drone Nationals, Airbirds Extreme Masters, Acres FPV Race, ERSA Eurocup Ibizam, 2. Indoor FPV Race Bodenheim, DRL 2017

Races Won: FPV Race Friedewalde, Sachsencup 2016, S-G FPV Race Nördlingen 2016, Netherland Drone Nationals, FPV Race Acres, Airbirds Extrem Masters, 2. Indoor FPV Race Bodenheim...

future plans: Getting better and better.. train hard :D


Years flying: 2.5 years flying fpv and before almost 9 flying 3d helis

Goggles: HD3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Darc DPE 210mm Frame , Bolt esc, Revolt fc , f40pro 2400kv dal 5050c props , rcprostyle 1500mah 100c lipo .

Racing or Freestyle: Both but now i´m focus on race .

Races Attended: All of the 2017 DCL rounds , Setubal Fai competition . Korea KRDA , Ersa eurocup 2016 ,etc

Races Won: DCL Vaduz , Setubal Fai

future plans: Practice practice practice ! and have fun ! Ofcourse , who dont wanna won on the races ? But always have fun on the events. And trying to get the best results

Years flying: 3

Goggles: Fatshark Dom HD V3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: DARC XR v2, Emax 2306 2400kv, RF Revolt FC, Bolt 4 in 1 ESC, Gemfan Flash & DAL 5050

Racing or Freestyle: Racing & Freestyle

Races Attended: FPV Racing Spain 2016 / 2017 - Live TV Show "El hormiguero" - Setubal Drone Race 2016/2017 - Leiria Drone Race 2016/2017 - ERSA Euro cup 2016 - FPV World cup Lyon - DCL Romania 2017 - And other national

Races Won: First in national classification of federation 2016 - National Open Cheste - Racing Navas del rey - FPV Racing Spain 2nd place Freestyle

future plans: Enjoy, learn, win and enjoy again.

New Zealand

Years flying: 14

Goggles: Fatshark HD3

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: The latest hype of course! Currently stretched X frames for racing.

Racing or Freestyle: Racing mostly with some Freestyle

Races Attended: New Zealand Rotorcross series events, Drone Worlds in Hawaii

Races Won: Tons but all in New Zealand

future plans: Mainly to just keep flying and racing. Also actively promoting the sport through my podcast "The Hype Train Podcast".

Years flying: 2

Goggles: Fatshark Dominator V2

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Hyperlite Floss v2, T-Motor f40pro 2600, Raceflight Revolt, Raceflight Bolt, Runcam Micro v2

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: Aussie Open 2017, MFNZ Nationals, New Zealand Nationals 2016-2017, Rotor Rush Platinum Cup

Races Won: Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) Nationals 1st place, New Zealand national qualifier rounds won: (Rotorua, Levin, National), Aussie Open 2nd place, Rotor Rush Platinum cup 1st

future plans: Concentrate fully on racing. Train hard and compete in as many overseas tournaments as I can. IDSC race in Korea, Aussie open 2018, hopefully a race in USA.


Years flying: 2

Goggles: SkyZone v2

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Taco RC CalB SX 220mm frame, Emax RS 2205S 2600 kV motors, Gemfan Maverick 24A 32 bit ESCs, Revolt FC, Foxeer Monster FPV camera, FX 600 mW VTX

Racing or Freestyle: Freestyle (so far)

future plans: Dedicate as much of spare time as possible for FPV ;)


Years flying: 1,5 Years

Goggles: Skyzone SKYV02S V+ (also known as V4)

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: A looott of setups. Motors: mostly anything from Brotherhobby like T1, T2, Returner R3, R4. Frames: Custom DCL Highwind X6, Skyhero OB-1, Skitzo Blackmatter, Revolt V1 & V2, ESC: TBS, Racebee, Lumenier 4in1, TBS UNify Pro HV, Crossfire, HS1177 & Foxeer Arrow V3, Racekraft or DAL Props

Racing or Freestyle: Mostly pure Racing! But plans to do some freestyle this Year

Races Attended: Feb 2016 - Indoor Race Fürth, 1st Place (Germany) May 2016 - French Drone Nationals, 15th out of 173 (France) June 2016 - FPV Acres Bexbach, 1/4 Finals (Germany) July 2016 - Italy Drone Natianals, 1/4 Finals (Switzerland) July 2016 - Nördlingen FPV Air-Race, 2nd Place (B) (Germany) Aug 2016 - Qualified for the Drone Worlds Hawaii (Switzerland) Aug 2016 - Drone Champions League, 1/4 Finals (Austria) Midair with Rolf Venz.. Aug 2016 - German Drone Nationals, 5th Finals (Germany) Sep 2016 - Dutch Drone Nationals, 8th Finals (Netherlands) Okt 2016 - Drone Worlds, 42 out of 160 (they lost times of heat 2 and 3 ..) Nov 2016 - Drone Champions League1/4 Finals (Romania) Midair with Luke Bannister

Races Won: 1 Big official

future plans: Pushing FPV forward! Attending at DCL 2017(Drone Champions League)! Helping others. Organizing some bigger races and make things better than other Events did. Thats also the reason I joined Team-Raceflight I was one of the first ones who flew betaflight and pushing the development further. Now I see the future in Raceflight and want to push that further!


Years flying: 8 months

Goggles: FatShark HDV2

Miniquad Gear (frame, motors, etc) gear: Custom Frame, X-Foot motors(2207-2600kv), Raceflight Revolt, Racerstar 4in1 and TrampHV VTX

Racing or Freestyle: Racing

Races Attended: 12

Races Won: 2

future plans: Participating in MultiGP getting more known in the FPV community