RaceFlight Support
We're always ready to respond!
Contact Us Through FaceBook
Click on the button below to head over to our FaceBook page. Here you can click on the message button once you login to FaceBook and speak with us directly, in real time! During normal business hours, we usually respond within 15 minutes.
Contact Us Through Slack

Slack is really the best way to contact us and get support! The entire dev team is on slack, as well as a knowledgeable and helpful community that’s ready to assist almost 24/7. You can follow the following steps as detailed by the screenshots that follow.

Note: For now just follow this link to get an invite to our slack channel: >>>click here<<<

  1. Head over to https://raceflight.com/invite
  2. Plugin your email and then click the invite button
  3. Check your email for an invite
  4. Click the link in the email
  5. Enter your first and last name, and your desired username
  6. Click next
  7. Enter your password and click next
  8. Agree to the terms for Slack use
  9. Login either via web-browser or via the slack app on Android, IOS, or Windows 10.

Once logged in, you can send a direct message to @adriel or @prestongiii for support, or ask the members of the community in the #betatest or #raceflightone channels.

Download Our Software

It’s really easy to download our software and firmware! Simply go to https://raceflight.com/download or follow the software download menu item at the top of this page.

Once at the page you can click on any of the links that you wish. At the top of the page are the clients. The clients can also be called configurators. Download the configurator that is made for your operating system.

Below that is the section for flight controller firmware. Here you can click the link that matches your flight controller. There are two choices:

  1. The RaceFlight Revolt
  2. The SPF400 Spektrum Flight controller

Below the firmware section, you can also download the firmware and LUA script for your Taranis so that you can PID tune and setup your VTX through smart audio using your Taranis remote.

Pinout Diagrams for Our Products

Below are our basic pinout diagrams. These diagrams are for the:

  • Bolt
  • Revolt
  • Spark
  • Millivolt

More diagrams will be added in the future, as more products become available. For additional documentation on our products, you may head over to http://raceflightinfo.com