Performance Designed Firmware
RaceFlight One has been in the works for over a year now. Built from the ground up by Kalyn Doerr and Preston Garrison, RaceFlight One provides a high level of performance unmatched by any flight controller firmware available.
Feature Rich
RaceFlight One was built with features in mind. Every pilot is different and thus has different needs. Some pilots use buzzers, some timers, and others yet use telemetry. RaceFlight One has it all! You have even solder an infrared LED light to the Revolt and have RaceFlight One use it as a transponder.
Optimized for the Revolt
RaceFlight One has been optimized and built around the Revolt flight controller. Designed to perform at it’s best with hardware that matches. RaceFlight One uses the sensitivity of the Revolt gyro to provide a stable, yet ultra responsive flight characteristics.
Easy Installation
We wanted it to be easy for both new, unexperienced and experienced hobbyists to get started with Raceflight One. To help achieve this goal, RaceFlight One GUI configurators have implemented Wizards to help you quickly and efficiently setup your mini quad. This saves times and helps you get flying as quickly as possible.
Proprietary Firmware with a Standalone GUI
RaceFlight One firmware is available only on the RaceFlight Revolt and the Skitzo FC. In addition, our proprietary firmware is accompanied by proprietary GUIs (graphical user interfaces). Each GUI is standalone on your own operating system. Simply download the Client from the following link, based on the operating system you use.