Frequently Asked Questions

What is RF1?

RF1 stands for RaceFlight One. RaceFlight One is the new, proprietary firmware designed specifically for the Revolt and Skitzo flight controllers.

Where do I get RaceFlight One firmware and the configurator?

You can download the RaceFlight One firmware from

To download the configurator, click the link on that page that has your computer operating system in the title. It’s should say something like “Mac Client.”

Where can I purchase RaceFlight gear like the Revolt?

You can purchase all RaceFlight gear on

We also have dealers around the world which you may purchase RaceFlight gear from. Please see our dealer list to find a dealer located near you.

How do I wire my Revolt and other RaceFlight electronics?

Generally, wiring diagrams will be found on or on

For all other inquiries, please contact support by messaging us on the FaceBook page or on slack. For more information you can go to

What is considered "hot" for a motor, and how do I fix?

A motor is generally considered to be hot when it starts to feel like it could burn your hand (130 degrees fahrenheit).

Hot motors can be caused by various things. It can be caused by over filtering, under filtering, poor solder joints, long motor screws, and an improper PID tune. You can use your black box log to determine any noise in your system. Always check your solder joints, and motor mounting screws before anything else.

Then you can try to adjust your filters with the quick presets (try low and test without props to make sure your motors don’t sound terrible). You may also try reducing P or D.

My Revolt isn't showing as connected to the computer, how can I fix this?

The most common cause of this problem is a driver’s incorrect installation. Many times, customers install a driver using Zadig over the standard HID driver for the Revolt. If you’re having this issue, please contact support and we’ll walk you through fixing the issue.

Can I run RaceFlight One on other flight controllers?

RaceFlight One (RF1) is only available on the Skitzo FC and the Revolt FC.

Where can I find information about the different modes, filters, and settings in RF1?

Please check the WIKI on to learn more about these different modes, filters, and settings.

Can I use the Revolt on a tricopter, hexacopter, or octocopter?

The Revolt hardware supports running tricopters, hexacopters, and octocopters; however, at this time the code for RaceFlight One does not support running anything except a quadcopter.

What electronic speed controllers (ESCs) are supported on the Revolt?

Almost all ESCs are able to be used with the Revolt on RF1. For programming however, only Blheli and Blheli_s ESCS are supported.

I need help. Something's not working right. Where do I go?

The best place to get community help is through

You can join our slack channel by going to

For direct assistance on slack you may message @adriel @proggod or @prestongiii

You may also message us on the RaceFlight FaceBook Page 

How can I troubleshoot my issues?

There is a step-by-step troubleshooting guide that can be found “here” (link coming soon). Here you can go through troubleshooting steps. If you still have issues, you can contact support and showing the steps you’ve completed for additional help.

Does RF1 support Bluetooth modules?

We are actively working on adding Bluetooth support in our code base.

Does RF have GPS support?

We are actively working on adding GPS support in our code base.

When will version 1 be out?

Our priority is to release version 1 as soon as possible.

How do I know what firmware/configurator version I’m running?

Look at the Version and FC Version numbers in the top right corner of your configurator when the FC is connected.

Where do I find all the FC commands?

Type “dump” without quotes in the configurator

Where do I find all the ESC commands?

Remove props, connect battery, go to the console and type “1wire read”
Once finished type “1wire stop”

How can I request a feature in RF1 or notify the development team of an issue?

You can add issues or feature requests on our github found here.