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Black Box Log Viewer
Flight Controller Firmware
RaceFlight One Build 0.500.0 *** DFU FLASH
RaceFlight SPMFC400 RF1 - For Spektrum Board Only! Use only 300 Configurator (Build spmfc400_0.300.112) * Stable
RaceFlight One Install Guide by Destro
RaceFlight One OpenTX lua script
Lua script Version 1.0 (Taranis and QX7)
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Patch Notes

Version 0.426.144
	More logging changes
Version 0.425.144
	Changed logging multiplier 
Version 0.424.144
	Witchcraft gone 
	Logging raw gyro data	
Version 0.423.144
	Enabled modified spin stopper	
Version 0.422.144
	Optimized more code
	Disabled Spin Stopper
Version 0.421.144
	SUPER Optimized Flight Code
Version 0.420.143
	flight optimizations
	osd changes 
	added osd menus for changing pids 
	added osd battery meter
	adjusted famx range
	more optimizations
	added vtx menu to osd
	added vtx menu to spek telem menu 
	sa code cleanups 
	no longer need to unlock vtx for sa to work
	Fixed logic error with dump
	Replaced ESC firmware 
	optimized filter code
	fixed current reading
	added "noarm" command that outputs why your quad wont arm 
	disabled logging when using internal osd, tx4, or dshot, can be forced on for internal osd by using the logging mode
	tinyvolt now building
	adjusted tinyvolt defines
	added brushed protocol to esc protocols 
Version 0.418.142
	RX Code optimizations
	resets double arming after failsafe

Version 0.417.142
	OSD Changes
Version 0.417.142
	optimized adc 
	renenabled current reading

	Configurator Changes: 
		 New layout for Setup page
   		Fixed bug when PIDs in non percent mode not changed with quick change button
   		New PID Layout
   		Fixed defaults
   		Fixed Current Draw and Consumed values on Configuration page
   		Fixed small UI issues
		fixed setup videos
Version 0.416.142
	renamed dshotbeep to motorbeep  
	made esc smoothing only remove jitter
Version 0.415.142
	disabled internal osd when logging is enabled
Version 0.414.142
	Disabled ADC Logic for Amps
	Fixed fuel comsumption for taranis

Version 0.413.142
	Better logic for Taranis, Sensor Lost should no longer happen when flying

Version 0.411.142
	Changed filter defaults so filter noisey is same scale, also check range so we can't have bad values

Version 0.410.141
	Changed default pids, to match configurator defaults in case someone doesn't run wizard
	OSD Now works
	Added crossfire RSSI
	Added RSSI to osd	
Version 0.409.141
	Fixed ESC so there is always a firmware for every bhelis esc
Version 0.405.141
	Quopa mode now works at 32khz
Version 0.404.141
	Renamed turkey mode to AutoKi
	Added preload mode 
	removed learn mode 
	renamed beep mode to dshotBeep
	Ki limit made adjustable again
	Code cleanup
	fixed error message in wizards that was error
	changed variables name to make more sense
Version 0.403.141
	fixed knight rider mode
	fixed logging 
	fixed quopa modes
Version 0.400.141
    fixed quopa mode
	fixed pid multiplier 
	disabled bounce_guard
	led color mode fixed
	lowered interval inbetween led modes 
	optimize pid loop 
	fixed spektrum telemtry 
	removed learning 
	modified ki logic
	doesnt send pid menus while armed for spektrum

	Known issues: 
		Knight rider led mode broken 
		Configurator switch assign to sensitive to channel jitter

	Configurator Changes
		Changed setup page layout
		"Setup radio" wizard improvements
		Fixed issue when modes not save while import
		Fixed arming issue after wizard
		Remove blheli_32 from wizard
		Improve localization
		Update Russian and Korean language
		Added voltage data on Configuration tab.
		Added Crossfire option on chose receiver page in interview wizard
		Fixed issue when scroll bar not appear in wizard 6
		Removed Enable digital precision mode on configuration page
		UI updates, small bug fixes
		Set min firmware version to 0.400.0
		added rc12 tune option to quick select
Version 0.381.0
	changed how the arm switch wizard works 
	polladc uses filtered voltage now 
	adjusted mah drawn algo
Version 0.380.0 BETA
	Flight code optimizations
Version 0.376.137 BETA
	flight log changes
Version 0.375.137 BETA
	Added commands for wizard

Version 0.374.137 BETA
	Added omega back in

Version 0.373.136 BETA
	soft pwm, osd changes

Version 0.372.136 BETA
	Decrease logging CPU usage
	Increase propwash handling performance
	set famx=0 is default
		set famx 90 through 110 will function as the old famx did but without the decimal place

Version 0.368.136 BETA through 0.371.136 BETA
	Several test builds for learning

Version 0.367.136 BETA
	Update learning to be smarter

Version 0.366.136 BETA
	Update learning

Version 0.365.136 BETA
	Update learning

Version 0.364.136 BETA
	Update learning
	Update filters

Version 0.363.136 BETA
	remove filter 4, change filter 0 to what filter 4 was
	allow filter 1 to be modifed using filter variables quick and rap
	Changed set quopa_style
		QUOPA_STYLE_AUTO       = 0   (normal opperation)
		QUOPA_STYLE_SEMIAUTO   = 1   (allows increased speed from right stick input)
		QUOPA_STYLE_MANUAL     = 2   (Only responds to right stick input)
		QUOPA_STYLE_AUTO_2     = 3   (normal opperation using two motors at a time)
		QUOPA_STYLE_SEMIAUTO_2 = 4   (allows increased speed from right stick input using two motors at a time)
		QUOPA_STYLE_MANUAL_2   = 5   (Only responds to right stick input using two motors at a time)

Version 0.362.136 BETA
	Added diff command
		prints onlt set variables that differ from defaults
	Addec craft_name string (15 char limit)

Version 0.361.135 BETA
	Fix vtx channel not displaying on lua

Version 0.360.135 BETA
	Fixed S.port output
	Refactored s.port telemetry handling - thanks Apoc!

Version 0.359.135 BETA:
	Fix learning bug
	Change logging

Version 0.358.135 BETA:
	fix learning model build of yaw
	learning will not happen when craft is landed
	fix incomplete learn from possibly causing drift or oscillations

Version 0.357.135 BETA:
	logging change

Version 0.356.135 BETA:
	S.port changes

Version 0.355.135 BETA:
	Changed famx functionallity
		set famx=0 will disable learning data entirely
		set famx=1 will rely on LEARN mode for learn handling
			This is the current default modeof operation
			Learning only learns when learn mode is active
			New learning model which was learned during a flight will not apply until after a disarm and rearm
			Learn mode must be set for the learn model to apply to flight
		set famx=2 will let the FC decide when the best time to learn is and LEARN mode isignored
			Application of the learning model will still only reapply upon arm like when using LEARM mode

Version 0.354.135 BETA:
	New learning model:
		Learning only learns when learn mode is active
		New learning model which was learned during a flight will not apply until after a disarm and rearm
		Learn mode must be set for the learn model to apply to flight

Version 0.353.135 BETA:
	Several robustness enhancements to throttle, PWM, and soft serial drivers
	Rearranged and spedup flight init
	Made flight init more robust
	Added new internal command handler

Version 0.352.135 BETA:
	Minor dshot changes
	Dshot works with wizards now

Version 0.351.135 BETA:
	Added set bounce_guard=0.1 variable
		affects strength of bounce guard
	Changed learning
	Changed how learning is applied
	Created a few special builds for testing with hard coded variables

Version 0.350.134 BETA:
	dshot changes
	learning changes
	PWM output changes

Version 0.349.134 BETA:
	Fix learning
	To turn off learning do not set learn mode to a switch

Version 0.348.134 BETA:
	Change learning
	Fix Logging

Version 0.347.134 BETA:
	Change logging to the last that worked
	Learn mode only applies if learn mode is set and not active
	Learn mode only learns when learn mode active

Version 0.346.134 BETA:
	Learning only on switch

Version 0.345.134 BETA:
	Added Turkey mode

Version 0.343.133 BETA:
	Adjusted bb logging

Version 0.343.133 BETA:
	Latch part of the learning to once per flight

Version 0.342.133 BETA:
	Change learning

Version 0.341.133 BETA:
	Smooth learning process

Version 0.340.133 BETA:
	Adjust defaults to filter 1

Version 0.339.132 BETA:
	Add Beep Mode
		Only works when disarmed
		Will beep motors using dshot command
		Will not work with RX on USART 3
	Adjusted QUOPA on time
	Adjusted filter 1 defaults

Version 0.338.131 BETA:
	Make logging only work when armed again

Version 0.337.131 BETA:
	Add learning mode
	Fix flash not logging

Version 0.336.130 BETA:
	Slow down learning a bit

Version 0.335.130 BETA:
	Fix crsf telem not working when rx on tx1 and telem on tx3
	Fixed log corruption issue

Version 0.334.130 BETA:
	Adjust AI 

Version 0.333.130 BETA:
	Added amnesia command to reset learned behaviors

Version 0.332.130 BETA:
	Adjust logging method
	Adjust skunk
	Fix format flash

Version 0.331.130 BETA:
	Adjust logging method
	Added purse command

Version 0.330.130 BETA:
	Self learning of wuad behavior

Version 0.329.130 BETA:
	Better Ki handling
	Flight log now works with dshot

Version 0.328.130 BETA:
	Bounce guard V2

Version 0.327.130 BETA:
	Bounce guard

Version 0.326.130 BETA:
	Filter testing

Version 0.325.129 BETA:
	Fix vtxbandchannel console command
	fix tramp, crsf, and rfosd usart selection

Version 0.324.127 BETA:
	Allow filter_typeX=4 to be saved
	changed motor output on log to match blheli's scaled motor output (1000 to 1850 scale from 1000 to 2000 scale)
		rf1 uses a true output of 0 to 100% where 0 is idle and 100% is full throttle
Version 0.323.127 BETA:
	Added filter_typeX=4 and filter_typeX=1 variables (where X is the profile number)
		filter_typeX=0 default filter with default behavior
		filter_typeX=1 new filter with better max throttle and noise handling
		filter_typeX=4 default filter with better max throttle and noise handling
			it is not recomended to use filter_typeX=2 or 3 at this time

Version 0.322.127 BETA:
	Sped up Wizard 2
	Added CRSF to auto detection
		Crsf telemetry must still be enabled separately as this cannot be auto detected at this time
			After running the wizards you can enaabled CRSF tlemetry in the GUI - no need to set CRSF R, T or B option as before

Version 0.321.126 BETA:
	Limit QUOPA to 5 seconds per attempt
	Added set quopa_style=0 variable
		0 will always use all four motors to get quad unstuck
		1 will limit use of motors to get quad unstuck
			will not work as well but is much easier on motors and ESCs
	Config dump now stored in flight log
	Added voltage and current to logging
	Added set log_mask1 and log_mask2 variables
		You can now choose which items you want logged
			currently disabled
			everything is currently logged
	Include BLHeli version 16.77
		remove startup power lock

Version 0.320.125 BETA:
	Update defaults
	Adjust PIDs slightly
	Added QUOPA Mode
        "Quad Upsidedown Orientation Press Autorecover"
        Works with multishot and dshot
            ESCs must be capable of running dshot600 though
            ESCs must be updated to at least version 16.76

Version 0.319.124 BETA
	Added new crossfire options
		CRSF_TELEM - for using an usart TX pin for only crossfire telemetry
		CRSF_T - For using a usart TX pin for CRSF RX
		CRSF_R - For using a usart RX pin for CRSF RX
		CRSF_B - For using a usart RX pin for CRSF RX and the TX pin for crossfire telemetry
			To use with telemetry:
				In Console send:
					set telem_crsf = 3
					set telem_crsf = 1
			To use without telemetry:
				In Console send:

Version 0.318.123 BETA
    Updated BLHeli_S ESC firmware to 16.76
    Tuned automatic crash detection and recovery slightly
    Dshot changes

Version 0.317.122 BETA
	Log downloading is made easier
	Log can be read directly from FC without need to download using blackbox log viewer

Version 0.316.122 BETA
	Added flashmsd command
		run this command to access MSD mode for fast log downloads
	Added crsf_otx_cur_hack=1 setting
		Will change crsf telemetry to display mah used in place of battery capacity since openTX does not support battery usage 
		default is on which is 1
	Updated defaults

Version 0.315.121 BETA
	added bat_size variable for crossfire telemetry
        set bat_size=1300
		measured in mAh
	fixed minor motor calibration issue
	large code optimizations

Version 0.314.120 BETA
	led update
	update current filter
	update PIDs

Version 0.313.120 BETA
	fix minor DMA conflight with ws2812 leds

Version 0.311.119 through 0.312.120 ALPHA
	code cleanup

Version 0.310.119 ALPHA
	fix mah calc
	adjusted tramp usart setting

Version 0.309.119 ALPHA
	Fix profile naming bug

Version 0.308.118 ALPHA
	Test CRSF V2 with telemetry support
		this alpha version only works on USART3
			this is temporary
		crsf is not included in the autodetect yet
		so skip wizard 2 and in console run: crsf_t3
			Solder TBS RX pin to USART 3 TX and TX pin to USART3 RX
			set telem_crsf=1 to enable CRSF telemtry output on the USART 3 TX pin

Version 0.307.118 ALPHA
	Test witchcraft

Version 0.307.117 BETA
	Dshot code cleanup
	Added crossfire RX protocol

Version 0.306.116 BETA
	Fix profiling switching hang
	Fix profile 3 not working
	Allow demag comp to be changed on ESCs

Version 0.305.115 BETA
	Revise deadband to be smoother
	Inverse logged pitch output
	Fix hot motor issue some people are having

Version 0.304.115 BETA
	Fix minor drift issue caused by profile changes to mixer

Version 0.303.114 BETA
	Fix minor drift issue
	Improve spin stopper

Version 0.302.114 BETA:
	Added profile support

Version 300.110 RC18:
	Prevent 1wire auto hardfault
	testmotors function only spins one motor at a time now

Version 299.110 BETA:
	Increment version
	Git force pull

Version 298.110 BETA:
	Increment version
	Git force pull

Version 297.110 BETA:
	Correct dshot frequency

Version 296.110 BETA:
	Fix self leveling
	Fix minor rearm bug

Version 295.110 BETA:
	Update defaults
	Minor OSD change

Version 0.277.107 ALPHA through 294.109 ALPHA:
	Code Cleanup
	OSD Changes
	F7 Changes
	F4 Changes
	flight code changes
	defaults changes

Version 0.277.107 BETA:
	Changed how sml_board_rot works:
		for sml_board_rot to work you need to set gyro_rotation to 0
		set these numbers based on the orientation of the board as it sits on the level frame in 1 degree increments
			set gyro_rotation=0
			set man_gy_pitch_angle=-360 through 360 (pitching up is positive, down is negative, 0, 360 and -360 are the same point, a board upright and level with the horizon is 0)
			set man_gy_roll_angle=-360 through 360 (rolling right is positive, left is negative, 0, 360 and -360 are the same point, a board upright and level with the horizon is 0)
			set man_gy_yaw_angle=-360 through 360 (yawing right is positive, left is negative, 0, 360 and -360 are the same point, a board facing directly foward in relation to direction of travel is 0)
	Allow dds and ds motor idling
		digital idle happens at 1KHz

Version 0.276.104 BETA:
	OSD additions
	Angle Lock mode

Version 0.275.104 BETA:
	Fix timer output
	Added 16.71 blheli_s binaries to RF1 binary
	New battery voltage algorithm

Version 0.274.104 BETA:

Version 0.273.103 BETA:

Version 0.272.102 BETA:
	Adjust default TPA

Version 0.271.101 BETA:
	Added variables for configurator usage
	Minor default changes
	Changed how filter types above 0 opperate slightly
	Fixed bf rates

Version 0.270.100 BETA:
	Added variables for configurator usage

Version 0.269.100 BETA:
	Fix Throttle curve
	minor changes to vtx code
	Updated esc firmware to 16.71
	Only limitation is you can't use tramp on TX3 with s.port due to DMA constraints.
	Revolt 1 can use TX1, TX3 and TX5 (or other TX pins if you use the breakouts below)
	Revolt 2 can use TX1, TX3, TX4, TX6 (or other TX pins if you use the breakouts below) for tramp 1wire

Version 0.268.100 BETA:
	Fixed issue with VTX not updating when it should
	Changed VTX communication startup

Version 0.267.100 BETA:
	Change tramp power settings to steps to make tramp play nice with spektrum, taranis lua and TBS device
		vtxpower 0 = 25mw
		vtxpower 1 = 100mw
		vtxpower 2 = 200mw
		vtxpower 3 = 400mw
	Taranis and console will display actual VTX power setting for both Tramp and TBS,
		but the following values will map like so on Spektrum Telemetry when using the Tramp:
		25mw  = 25mw
		200mw = 100mw
		500mw = 200mw
		800mw = 400mw

Version 0.266.100 BETA:
	Minor tramp bug fixes
	added command:
			sets VTX power
			tramp value is measured in milliwats
				0 through 600 mw is selectable
			smart audio devices are meassured in steps
				0 = 25mw
				1 = 200mw
				2 = 500mw
				3 = 800mw (Not supported on race version)
	tramp vtx can be placed into pit mode with the command (vtxpit)
	tramp will still restart in the broadcasting state
Version 0.265.100 ALPHA:
	drunk no longer used
	Tramp vtx support fleshed out
	when using tx4 logging will auto disable
	added variables:
		set tpa_kp_curve_type = 0 
		set tpa_ki_curve_type = 0 
		set tpa_kd_curve_type = 0
			values 0 is default and is the new style TPA curve available since RC13
			values 1 is old style TPA curve available since forever but removed in RC13

Version 0.264.096 ALPHA:
	set drunk=1 to use old TPA curve method (default)
	set drunk=0 to use current TPA curve method

Version 0.263.095 BETA:
	lower hard fault detection time
	Fix smart audio driver

Version 0.262.094 BETA:
	Fixed rc smoothing issue
	Changed how throttle I/O works between rates
	HWFS set to 500 ms

Version 0.253.087 BETA:
	Adjusted defaults

Version 0.252.086 BETA:
	Added RFOSD Telemtry output
	To enable:
		set telem_rfosd=1 through 6 for usart 1 through usart 6's TX pin
			set tlem_rfosd=3
			#This will enabled RF OSD telemtry on usart 5's TX pin at 115,200 baud

Version 0.251.085 BETA:
	Adjusted defaults

Version 0.250.085 BETA:
	Updated defaults
	Updated s.port telemetry output
	Updated LUA output

Version 0.249.084 BETA:
	Fixed CPPM selection in GUI
	To enable CPPM:
		Connect to USART3 RX pin
		in console, run "CPPM_R3"
		in console, run "save"
		On setup tab skip wizard 2 and continue to wizard 3

Version 0.248.084 BETA:
	Filter values now range from 0% to 100% with 100% being maximum filtering
	Fixes to configurator

Version 0.247.083 BETA:
	Fixed spektrum telemetry scale
	Added deadband to spektrum telemetry I/O
	General Spektrum telemetry improvments
	Tweaked PID defaults
		Made Kp, Ki and Kd adjustmens stronger
	Removed dshot from blheli_s builds
		ESC bins are Multishot only until the new protocol is ready
		Dshot as programmed is far too CPU intensive and must be redesigned for BLHeli_s use
	Configurator improvements

Version 0.246.083 BETA:
	Tweak defaults

Version 0.245.083 ALPHA:
	New PID scaling based on percentage of defaults
		Default values are now 30%
		Range is 0% through 100% of defaults
	Reduced s.port telemtry output speed
	Added rc smoothing to GUI as a percentage between 0% and 100%
		33% is the old default
		The new default is 100%

Version 0.244.083 ALPHA:
	New Defaults
	set skunk=2 disables attitude calculations (Roll Pitch Yaw) using ACC
	Adjustments to disarming and failsafe handling
	Adjusted rc smoothing factor

Version 0.243.082 ALPHA:
	New Defaults

Version 0.242.081 ALPHA:
	Adjust PID scaling to be thge same between skunks

Version 0.241.080 ALPHA:
	Adjust defaults

Version 0.240.080 ALPHA:
	Added "set rc_smoothing = 1.0"
		You can range it from 0.1 to 4.0 to decrease or increase the smoothing effect with 1.0 being default
			Does not function in direct mode
	set skunk = 1 will change flight code to RC12 opperation
	set skunk = 0 will change flight code to RC1 opperation

Version 0.239.079 RC18:
	New defaults

Version 0.238.079 RC17:
	Smart audio update
	New defaults

Version 0.237.079 RC16:
	Flight code improvments and new defaults
	Adjusted motor test function

Version 0.236.078 BETA:
	added filter_type 2 and 3
		these are the same filter as filter 1 but use different methods to increase resolution
	Reversed vtxon and vtxpit commands

Version 0.235.078 ALPHA:
	added "set filter_type", default is 0, other option is 1
	changed defaults
	set current setting to default for bolt
	adjusted tpa defaults
	added throttle curve

Version 0.234.076 BETA:
	Added MSP support for OSD usage
	To enable:
		set telem_msp=1 through 6 for usart 1 through usart 6's TX pin
			set telem_msp=3
			#This will enabled MSP telemtry on usart 3's TX pin at 115,200 baud
	Fixed issue with LEDs not always turning on
	Added set led_with_usb=0
		Default is 0
		set to 1 to enable WS2812 LEDs when plugged into USB
		The default is to have them disabled (0) since too many LEDs may draw too much power through the USB connection

Version 0.232.075 ALPHA B:
	Super Secret Test B

Version 0.232.074 ALPHA A:
	Super Secret Test A

Version 0.231.073 BETA:
	Made crash detetion algorythm a bit more sensitive
	Initial MSP OSD support

Version 0.230.073 BETA
	Added TPA parser
		Example usage to adjust Kp TPA:
			tpakp 130=100=85=75=65=60=55=50=55
	Added motor diagnostic function
		To use:
			Plug in battery
			In console run:
		Motors will all go to idle then spin up one at a time to high throttle to check for problems

Version 0.229.072 RC15
	Adjusted defaults

Version 0.228.071 BETA
	Fix fuel calculation (mAh)
	Adjusted Kd
	For bolt current sensor
		set adc_current_factor=34.2

Version 0.227.071 RC14:
	New defaults and filter tweaks

Version 0.226.070 RC13:
	Updated flight code

Version 0.225.070 BETA:
	Changed bootloader startup timing

Version 0.224.070 BETA:
	Fixed self leveling modes

Version 0.223.070 BETA:
	Merged in 1.000 through 1.016.070 changes which were originally meant for post Release 1
	RC13 candidate
	New high-tech filtering
	Many configurator changes
			#### 0.223.0
			- Increment version to 223 to match RC13

			#### 0.197.0
			- Added VTX PitMode Type wizard
			- Added license page
			- Fixing translations
			- Small bug fixes
			- Moved "Update firmware" title to top
			- Added 16000 option for frequency
			- Fixed ESC start up power saving
			- Fixed issues caused by not working motors or other problems on ESC tab
			- Update *de*,*fr*,*es* translations
			- Added OEM (beep) tone
			- Added Digital Precision Mode

			#### 0.196.0

			- Added telemetry tab
			- Fix radio data on setup tab
			- Fix motor order in motor direction wizard
			- Cosmetic fixes
			- Fix translations
			- Fix issue #72

			#### 0.195.0

			- Added DFU flashing mode
			- Added de, es, fr, sk, zh-cn languages
			- Fixed motor calibration labels
			- Fixed small issues
			- Added frequency options
			- Added SmartAudio and OneShot options

			#### 0.194.0

			- Added localization
			- Added "Medium Low" and "Medium High" timing options
			- Added "Quick change PID level" button and Rates default values
			- Fixed "Reset" button on PID Tuning page
			- Fixed Bootloader flashing file upload, that could stuck when incorrect file has been uploaded.
			- Fixed "Update Firmware" button
			- Improved "Setup", "Detect" and "Radio" wizards.
			- Fixed "ESC" tab when it fails sometimes.

Version 1.016.070 BETA:
	Changed defaults

Version 1.015.069 BETA:
	Added dpmode command to put FC into dp mode more easily

Version 1.008.066 ALPHA through 1.014.069 BETA:
	Added BLHeli version 16.68 J_H_15 and J_H_90 binaries
	Rewrite several parts of code base to handle new logic and future products
	Increased performance and precision of ACC modes
	Updated automatic crash handling and prevention
	New filer design
		Much more precise and includes sannity checks
		Added digitial precision mode to the filters which increase precision significantly
	Added digital precision mode
		Select dshot 600 in configurator to enable
			Will put filters into a much more precise state at the cost of some speed
		ESC must be working correct on dshot 600
			RaceBees and RF 4-in-1 on J_H_15 and J_H_90 RaceFlight's BHLeli version 16.68 
	Flight logging automatically disabled when Dshot is selected
		This limitation will be removed soon
	Fixed issue where RX would not autodetect if smart audio or s.port was enabled

Version 1.008.066 ALPHA:
	Incremented config
	Changed filter defaults
	Added vbat_cutoff and vbat_buzzer config variables, not yet active

Version 1.007.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters and pid output
	Basic filter replaced with much more advanced filter
	tpa curves added to dump
	tpa curve adjustment function added but not yet functional
	Decreased CPU load
	Removed wc and ga

Version 1.006.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters and pid output

Version 1.005.065 ALPHA:
	Adjusted filters, no autofiltering yet

Version 1.004.064 ALPHA:
	Auto filters completely disabled
	Glue mode is back, and safe to flip
	Level and Acro Level mode are also working

Version 1.003.063 ALPHA:
	Automagic filtering update
		All filter settings in config are ignored.

Version 1.002.063 ALPHA:
	Automagic filtering

Version 1.001.063 ALPHA:
	Added Glue mode for testing 

Version 0.222.064 RC12:
	Force board reset after spektrum telemetry updates and saves PIDs
	Adjust SmartAudio baud rate to 4900 to counteract severe drift issue with some VTXs

Version 0.221.063 RC11:
	set vtx_pitmode_type=0 (default, VTX will always turn on after a power cycle)
		To change VTX operation, with battery connect and props off run the following commands in console:
			set vtx_pitmode_type=0
	set vtx_pitmode_type=1 (VTX will default to pit mode after power cycle)
		To change VTX operation, with battery connect and props off run the following commands in console:
			set vtx_pitmode_type=1

Version 0.220.062 RC10:
	Added Braindrain mode
		Will increase responsiveness at the possible cost of smoothness
		Similar but different than Direct mode
			May or may not cause hotter motors and/or oscillations when used with direct mode
	Important flight performance enhancements
		Increase Ki and Kd performance
	Fixed gyro calibration issue that sometimes popped up when FC was turned on before radio

Version 0.219.062 BETA:
	Update Spektrum Telemetry handling

Version 0.218.062 BETA:
	More flight code enhancements
	Fixed Spektrum Telemetry

Version 0.217.062 RC9:
	Important flight performance enhancements

Version 0.216.062 BETA:
	Prevent s.port from causing in-flight performance issues
	Increased flight performance and made flight code more efficient
	Fixed time sync issue on flight log

Version 0.215.062 RC8:
	fix spektrum telemetry

Version 0.214.062 RC7:
	fix initial read of VTX values

Version 0.213.062 RC6:
	Increment s.port displayed smart audio channel by one

Version 0.212.062 RC5:
	Smart Audio changes

Version 0.211.062 RC4:
	Adjusted throttle positioning

Version 0.210.062 BETA:
	Fix Ki windup issue caused by double arming

Version 0.209.062 BETA:
	Make SmartAudio more robust
	Make SmartAudio work better with S.port

Version 0.208.062 RC3:
	Fix Taranis failsafe
	Fix double arm windup issue
	Fixed SPMFC400 build
	Increment firmware type to RC3

Version 0.207.062 RC2.1:
	Fixed second arming throttle check
	Increment firmware type to RC2.1

Version 0.206.062 RC2:
	Minor default changes
	Increment firmware type to RC2
	Adjust kiss and betafloght rates slightly
	Made self level code more robust, faster, and more accurate

Version 0.205.062 BETA:
	Adjusted Acro Level Mode settings
	Changed VTX to enable on first arm switch if there's no vtx on mode setup
Version 0.204.062 BETA:
	Added mAh consumed
	Added current output and mAh consumed to s.port telemtry
	Added current output and mAh consumed to spektrum telemtry
	Fixed voltage and current positioning

Version 0.203.062 BETA:
	Changed ESC 1wire auto slightly
	Attitude mode is now Level Mode
	Horizon mode is nor Acro Level Mode
	Made Acro Level Mode more stable
	Changed defaults filters to low
	Added ESC frequency and loop time sanity checking and correction
	Added support for lower update frequencies (62 through 1000 Hz) for servo support
	Enabled dshot 1200 support
	Added current support
		set adc_current_factor = xxx
			(where adc_current_factor is the current multiplier for your current sensor ( current factor is defined as the one divided by the volts per amp output of yout current sensor ) )
				EXAMPLE: Ottopilot 50V/180A current sensor has an output of 18.30mV / Amp, which is 0.0183 volts per amp. (1 / 0.0183 = 54.6448), so the adc_current_factor is 54.6448
			0 turns off current ADC

Version 0.202.061 BETA:
	Added horizon mode
	Fix Sbus bug
	Increment config to allow horizon mode

Version 0.201.060 BETA:
	Sped up LED breathing effect a bit
	Made s.port lua functions a bit faster
	List of "set telem_smartaudio" acceptable inputs
		USART1RX = 15
	    USART2RX = 16
	    USART3RX = 17
	    USART4RX = 18
	    USART5RX = 19
	    USART6RX = 20
	    USART1TX = 21
	    USART2TX = 22
	    USART3TX = 23
	    USART4TX = 24
	    USART5TX = 25
	    USART6TX = 26

Version 0.200.060 BETA:
	Added Double-Double arm method and made it default
		set arm_method=1
		Double-Single arm method is set arm_method=0
	Made s.port lua functions smarter and faster

Version 0.199.059 BETA:
	Fix bug in channel incrementing on smart audio
	Added abilitty to position board in 1 degree increments
		Example on how to set board by 31 degrees left
			Skip first FC wizard and run these console commands
				set gyro_rotation=0
				set board_calibrated=1
				set sml_board_rot_x=0
				set sml_board_rot_y=0
				set sml_board_rot_z=-31

Version 0.198.059 BETA:
	Rewrite of several drivers to better accomodate VTX telemetry
	Added new soft serial driver
	Added support for taranis pid and vtx tuning
	Fixed bug in betafloght and kiss rates
	Changed VTX commands
		vtxinfo will print vtx info to the console
		vtxon will turn on the VTX
		vtxpit will send the VTX pit mode command (Warning: TBS VTX will not enter pit mode once it is on until you power cycle the VTX)
		vtxbandchannel will set the band channel using strings
			Example: "vtxbandchannel r1" will set the VTX to raceband 1 and "vtxbandchannel f4" will set the VTX to fatshark 4

Version 0.197.059 BETA:
	Added arming structure data to error command to help diagnose non start issues
	Integrated Spektrum's VTX setup into SmartAudio
		You can change Channels and turn on your radio via a Spektrum TX
	Smart Audio changes:
		Added set telem_smartaudio command
			1 is enabled on usart 3 TX
			0 is disabled
		Added VTXON mode
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and VTXON is set to a channel, a power on comand will be sent to the smart audio TX on USART 3 TX pin when the mode is actiaved
				This will only happen when the board is disarmed
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and VTXON is not set to a channel, a power on comand will be sent to the smart audio TX on USART 3 TX pin during arming
			NOTE! This is the recomended way to run smart audio - not using the VTXON mode will delay arming by half a second to allow the smart audio time to turn on
		Added "sainit" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be queried for current settings and reported back to the console
		Added "sapit" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be placed into semi-permanant pit mode
				this means the vtx will always power up into pit mode once this command is run
				the vtx can be returned to normal opperation by holding the VTX's button down during power up (hence it's only semi-permanant) :)
		Added "saon" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the power up command (leave pit mode)
		Added "salock" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the lock command
		Added "saunlock" command
			If telem_smartaudio = 1 and sainit has been run, the VTX connected to usart 3's TX pin will be sent the unlock command
	Recomended Smart Audio Setup:
		1. Connect SmartAudio cable to USART3 TX pin (USART3 RX is still okay for Smart Port, you can use USART1 for Spektrum RXs)
		2. Power up SmartAudio VTX and flight controller, connect to configurator
		3. In console run the command "set telem_smartaudio=1"
		4. In console run the command "sainit"
		5. In console run the command "saunlock"
		6. In console run the command "sapit"
		7. On setup page in configurator, set VTXON mode to a channel (I use channel 8 on a momentary switch)
		8. Click Save
		9. Unpower FC and VTX
		10. You can use your spektrum radio to set your VTX channel and band, or you can use console "sach x" where x is a channel number from 0 through 39 
		11. enabling the VTXON mode will turn on the VTX, the VTX will not transmit until the flight mode is enabled at least momentarily
	List of SmartAudio channels:
		"sach x" where x is the number coorisponding to the VTX power level listed below:
			VTX_CH_A1 = 0,
			VTX_CH_A2 = 1,
			VTX_CH_A3 = 2,
			VTX_CH_A4 = 3,
			VTX_CH_A5 = 4,
			VTX_CH_A6 = 5,
			VTX_CH_A7 = 6,
			VTX_CH_A8 = 7,
			VTX_CH_B1 = 8,
			VTX_CH_B2 = 9,
			VTX_CH_B3 = 10,
			VTX_CH_B4 = 11,
			VTX_CH_B5 = 12,
			VTX_CH_B6 = 13,
			VTX_CH_B7 = 14,
			VTX_CH_B8 = 15,
			VTX_CH_E1 = 16,
			VTX_CH_E2 = 17,
			VTX_CH_E3 = 18,
			VTX_CH_E4 = 19,
			VTX_CH_E5 = 20,
			VTX_CH_E6 = 21,
			VTX_CH_E7 = 22,
			VTX_CH_E8 = 23,
			VTX_CH_F1 = 24,
			VTX_CH_F2 = 25,
			VTX_CH_F3 = 26,
			VTX_CH_F4 = 27,
			VTX_CH_F5 = 28,
			VTX_CH_F6 = 29,
			VTX_CH_F7 = 30,
			VTX_CH_F8 = 31,
			VTX_CH_R1 = 32,
			VTX_CH_R2 = 33,
			VTX_CH_R3 = 34,
			VTX_CH_R4 = 35,
			VTX_CH_R5 = 36,
			VTX_CH_R6 = 37,
			VTX_CH_R7 = 38,
			VTX_CH_R8 = 39,
	List of Smart Audio Power modes:
		"sapow x" where x is the number coorisponding to the VTX power level listed below:
			VTX_POWER_025MW = 0,
			VTX_POWER_200MW = 1,
			VTX_POWER_500MW = 2,
			VTX_POWER_800MW = 3,

Version 0.197.059 BETA:
	Adjust self level defaults
	GUI - updates and bug fixes
	Updated ESC bins
	Server autobuild increments minor version
	Added BLHeli_s C_H_50 ESC firmware to flash

Version 0.195.058 RC1:
	GUI - Added rates graphs
	GUI - Fixed ESC tab
	GUI - General bug fixes
	GUI - Added default PIDs
	GUI - Added multilangual support
	nytfluffyrates command added
	braindrainrates command added
	Fix betafloght rates
	Fix kiss rates
	general code cleanup
	Update default PIDs
	LEDs now Breathe
	Preliminary Smart Audio Support - Not yet enabled

Version 0.194.057:
	Self level mode updates
	Make force flashing ESCs slightly safer

Version 0.193.057:
	Wizard changes

Version 0.192.057:
	Fixed kiss rates
	Changed DSMX 22ms detection
	Added logging continuation after disarm / failsafe for 25 itterations with trouble codes
	Added serial number command
Version 0.191.057:
	Fix RX detection method
	Updated motor calibration routine

Version 0.190.057:
	WS2812 LEDs will no longer power up when connected to USB
	Minor 1wire changes
	Added low voltage buzzer
	Beta versions Increment
Version 0.189.057:
	Change how failsafe works on sbus

Version 0.188.057:
	Change S.port battery ID and scaled voltage slightly.
	Put s.port on USART 3 RX pin and run "set telem_sport=14" to enable S.port.
	Rescaled voltage for spektrum telelmtry. "set telem_spek=1" to enable spektrum telemtry on same TX pin the telemtry capable spektrum RX is located.
	Added plus and reverse yaw plus mixer. set mixer_type=8 for normal yaw plus, set mixer_type=9 for reverse yaw plus mixer
	Made changed to auto level mode.

Version 0.187.057:
	GUI changes

Version 0.186.057:
	GUI changes

Version 0.185.057:
	Rescaled ADC voltage

Version 0.184.057:
	Changed wizard wording

Version 0.183.057:
	Added famf setting. "set famf=1.0" Range is 0.90 to 1.10

Version 0.182.057:
	Changed tpa curve
	added "set stick_curve" It replaces "set pitch_curve, set roll_curve, set yaw_curve"
	Reticulated splines

Version 0.181.056:
	Changed config slightly

Version 0.180.055:
	Added betafloght rates
	Removed wc

Version 0.179.054:
	Made changes to mixer
	Added armed switch to wiz rc
	Changed how pid controller handles Ki
	Changed RX wizard to uncalibrate radio
		Make sure you run wiz rc after wiz rx

Version 0.178.054:
	Add raw rx data output
	Adjust defaults
	Enable Spektrum Telemtry
	Partial Vbat support implemented. Not enabled
	Partial Curr support implemented. Not enabled
	Enabled assignment of Telemtry ports. Not full enabled. On Revolt, enable telem as such:
		set telem_sport=14                   to enable s.port on rx pin 3
		set telem_spek=1                     to enable spektrum telemtry on USART used by the spektrum Rx
		set telem_msp=1,2,3,4,5 or 6         to enable MSP telemtry output on selected USART RX and TX pin
		set telem_mavlink=1,2,3,4,5 or 6     to enable Mavlink telemtry output on selected USART RX and TX pin
		set telem_smartaudio=1,2,3,4,5 or 6  to enable Smart Audio I/O on selected USART TX pin
		set telem_bst=1,2,3,4,5 or 6         to enable BST on selected USART TX pin
	Changed how RC and RX wizards function

Version 0.177.054:
	Expo change

Version 0.176.054:
	Wizard update

Version 0.175.054:
	Wizard update

Version 0.174.054:
	Wizard update

Version 0.173.051:
	Altered wizards

Version 0.172.051:
	Updated wizards
	Added pin inversion in config
	Added motors 5 and 6 to revolt pinout. Not yet enabled

Version 0.172.051
	Added 1wire autoa which will set basic ESC calibration as well
	Changed how rc mapping works and updated RC wizards
Version 0.171.051
	Added kiss curve. "set pitch_curve=5" "set roll_curve=5" "set yaw_curve=5"
	when set:
		pitch_rate, roll_rate and yaw_rate will act like "Rate" does for kiss
		pitch_expo, roll_expo, yaw_expo will act like "RC Curve" does for kiss
		pitch_acrop, roll_acrop, yaw_acrop will act like "RC Rate" does for kiss
		Normal numbers might be 0.7, 0.7, 0.4
		so putting in standard raceflight numbers will cause crazy results

Version 0.170.051
	Removed commands: 
	Added commands: 
		set mixer_style (default is 0, range is 0-1)
	Added new mixer
	changed defaults

Version 0.169.050
	Change dump and set command output
	set filter_mod_0 = 1 to turn on yaw smoothing
	set filter_mod_1 = 1 to turn on flight sharpeness
	set filter_mod_2 = 0 through 6 to turn on filter mod
	Added commands: 
	Added test1 mode, smooths mixer at all times, will run if enabled
	Added test2 mode, smooths mixer near center stick, will run if enabled and test1 not enabled
	Added test3 mode, does nothing
	Changed wiz cala
	Changed wiz cala
	Changed wiz rx
	Removed wix rca
	Added wix rc1
	Added ADC support
	Added 3d Mixer support
	Added 3d mixer 1wire support
	Added idle_percent_inv for separate inverted idle in 3D mode
	Removed wiz mot
	Added wiz mot1
	Added wiz mot2

Version 0.168.049:
	Lots of IO and code cleanup
	Change how command I/O works
	Add motor mixers
	Add expo curve 4
	Adjust defaults
	//other 168
	added nytfluffy, braindrain, rs2k default setups
	made curve 4 default
	changed defaults

Version 0.167.048:
	Change flight code a bit
	Smooth out flight

Version 0.166.048:
	Changed HID output
	Added FC changes
	Cleaned up config
	Changed IO logic

Version 0.165.048:
	Default changes

Version 0.164.048:
	Change RX wizard routine

Version 0.163.048:
	Alter Auto RX detection routine
	If LED MODE switch is enabled then LEDs will default to OFF at startup
	RFBL support in RFC 163

Version 0.162.048:
	Fix buzzer bug.

Version 0.161.048:
	Buzzer mode connected
	Failsafe mode connected
	Updated defaults
	Made RX wizard work

Version 0.160.048:
	Automatic RX detection: wiz rx

Version 0.159.048:
	Fix log downloading
	Allow logging when armed by default if no logging mode is assigned
	Added direct flight mode

Version 0.158.048:
	Fix bug in rc wizard

Version 0.157.048:
	Allow multiple lines of commands through console

Version 0.156.047:
	Adjust RCdata storage
	Rescaled Acro+ to be 0 to 300 instead of 0 to 3

Version 0.155.047:
	Adjust wizard I/O

Version 0.154.047:
	Adjust HID timeouts
	Rewrote I/O format

Version 0.153.047:
	Adjust HID timeouts

Version 0.152.047:
	Adjust HID timeouts.
	Adjust 1wire command logic

Version 0.151.047:
	Added LED modes
	Added "idle" command and "idlestop" command.
	Change logic for modes:
		channel now starts at 1 and goes to 16. channels 1-4 are reserved and cannot be set to a mode.
		range is now -100 to 100. -100 is the minium a channel can go (1000 us for traditional PPM). 100 is the max (2000 us for traditional PPM) 0 is middle. (1500 us for traditional PPM)
	Changed dump command output to always list modes, version and flight log info
	Changed defaults
	Fixed DSM2 1024, added DSM2 1024 bind option, changed bid opperations
	Changed RXdata dump, Changed RCdata dump

Version 0.150.045:
	Changes to HID I/O commands

Version 0.149.045:
	Modified filters
	Added usb ack
	Improved HID speed
	try rap to 1, 88 or manual
	try yaw_press to 0, 1 or 2. (yaw press is a filter modifier)
	added command "error" for error diagnostics
	Changes to HID I/O commands

Version 0.148.044:
	Changed logging method. Added it to Modes
	If there is no channel assigned to the logging mode the flight log will log any time the FC is armed, otherwise the flight log will log when the board is armed and the flight logging mode is enabled
	To enable a mode (example adding flight log mode):
		in console:
			-Mode channels start from 0, so the first channel on your radio is channel 0 on the FC
			"modes list" will display all modes and what channels they are assigned to
			"modes LOGGING=5=500=1000" will enable the LOGGING mode on channel 5 which is the 6th radio channel usually known as AUX2 to enable when the switch is equal to or between 500 and 1000 on a scale that ranges from -1000 to 1000
	Flight log will automatically format in the background when "wiz cala" is run. No need to format flash separately during the setup process
	DSM2 protocol activated
	Change RC wizard. It will now only set the sticks. The switches must be assigned manually
	Moved arm method to Modes. It must be set after using the RC wizard (wiz rca) like so:
		"modes ARMED=4=500=1000"
	Added commands: dsm2_t1, dsm2_t3, dsm2_t4, dsm2_r1, dsm2_r3, dsm2_r4
	Fix LED Code

Version 0.147.044:
	Enable Mode Support
		Activated Horizon Mode
		Activated Attitude Mode
	Added "set slp": Kp for outter loop of self leveling modes
	Added "set sli": Ki for outter loop of self leveling modes
	Added "set sla": Max angle in degrees allowed for self leveling modes
	Change filtering.
	Active Horizon or Attiude flight mode like so:
		modes HORIZON=6=500=1000
		modes ATTITUDE=6=500=1000
		-where the first number is the channel you want to activate the mode starting from channel 0, the second number is the
		-minimum channel value that will activate the flight mode and the third number is the maximum channel value that will
		-activate the flight mode. Channel values are calculated from -1000 to 1000 where -1000 is the minimum and 1000 represents the maximum channel value

Version 0.146.043:
	PPM support active and tested.
	Ibus support active and tested.
	Changed RX command setup:
		Avalable commands:
			spek_t1, spek_t3, spek_t4, spek_r1, spek_r3, spek_r4
			sbus_t1, sbus_t3, sbus_t4, sbus_r1, sbus_r3, sbus_r4
			sumd_t1, sumd_t3, sumd_t4, sumd_r1, sumd_r3, sumd_r4
			ibus_t1, ibus_t3, ibus_t4, ibus_r1, ibus_r3, ibus_r4
			ppm_t1, ppm_t3, ppm_t4, ppm_r1, ppm_r3, ppm_r4
		"protocol" underscore "tx or rx pin" "usart number"
	Telemtry option command:
		set telem_sport=1
		set telem_spek=1
		set telem_msp=1
		set telem_mavlink=1
			"1 to enable and 0 to disaable right now. This will change in the future and will be used to select where the telemtry outputs"
			"only sport is enabled at the moment"

Version 0.145.042
	Fixed LED code.
	Added partial IBus support. (Not yet active)
	Added partial PPM support. (Not yet active)
	Added partial DSM2 support. (Not yet active)

Version 0.144.041:
	change actuator curve.
	Added MS1.25 and MS2.5 protocols (1.25 to 5 us) (2.5us to 10us)... MS is (5us to 20us)
		set esc_protocol=7 for MS2.5 and set esc_protocol=8 for MS1.25
	Made changes to how rap opperates

Version 0.143.041:
	change internal filter settings
	change actuator curve

Version 0.142.041:
	change defaults
	change actuator curve

Version 0.142.041:
	fix issue in pidc
	IP. Begining adding MSP Telemtry

Version 0.141.041:
	Change filter defaults.
	Adjusted filter range.
	Added 1wire auto command
	Added 1wire settings command
	Added 1wire check command

Version 0.140.040:
	Enable S.port telemtry
	Fix Spektrum Telemtry RX binding

Version 0.139.040:
	Fix mixer change
	More robust calibration method
	Updated flight mode switch support. Now configurable, but not yet active

Version 0.138.040:
	Change mixer slightly. Less floaty?

Version 0.137.040:
	Change stick calibration method (Not yet active)
	Flight and switch mode support Stage 1 (Not yet active)
	Self leveling flight mode support (Not yet active)
	Logging and arm switch changes (Not yet active)
	changed default tune

Version 0.136.039:
	Arming changed to Double Single
	Gyro only calibrates on first switch
	Updated pidsrs2k

Version 0.135.039:
	Fix flash detection function

Version 0.134.039:
	Decrease failsafe sensitivity
	Change Kp limits
	Updated pidsrs2k
	Updated pidstaja
	Updated pidsdefaults
	Updated pidsxdc
	Added pidsnoise for noisier setups
Version 0.133.039:
	Decrease failsafe sensitivity

Version 0.132.039:
	Updated pidsrs2k
	updated pidsdefault
	Added arming buzzer mode
	Added failsafe buzzer mode

Version 0.131.039:
	Updated pidsrs2k
	Updated pidstaja
	Updated pidsabba
	Added confirmation and autosave to pid commands
	Fixed full fflash causing flash not to recognise
Version 0.130.039:
	Quick fix to remove debug variable

Version 0.129.039:
	Major flight code fix. Highly recommended ended upgrade
	Updated pidsrs2k

Version 0.128.039:
	Code cleanup
	Changed MS signal output and calibration routine
	Must recalibrate your ESCs on this build
	Changed filtering up

Version 0.127.002:
	Custom version for XDC Racers
	Added LED set command selections. RGB colors and number of LEDs
		set led_red=0-255
		set led_green=0-255
		set led_blue=0-255
		set led_count=0-32

Version 0.126.037:
	Code cleanup
	Added LEDs back in
	Added Buzzers back in

Version 0.125.037:
	Changed pidspg. Mix of PG PIDs and Ehitaja's filtering settings

Version 0.124.037:
	Changed pidsrs2k. Mix of default PIDs and Ehitaja's filtering settings

Version 0.123.037:
	Fixed issue with witchcraft
	Fixed issue with dlflsize reporting incorrect size

Version 0.122.037:
	Change 1wire startup power variable

Version 0.121.037
	Implement abillity to adjust motor outputs
	Start work on Mixer Wizard
	Resolved 1wire config issue

Version 0.120.036
	Code cleanup
	Change PID logging scale

Version 0.119.036
	Filled in 1wire logic

Version 0.118.036
	Fixed mixer issue in 117.036
	fixed 1wire issue in 117.036

Version 0.117.036
	Added 45 degree mount capability to wiz cala and wiz calb

Version 0.116.036
	Add ESC 1wire force flash option.
	Fixed SumD again. :)

Version 0.115.036
	Fixed Sumd again! Woohoo!
	Change rx defaults:
		Removed all rx "defaults" commands, such as "spekdefaults1"
		Added "spek_t_1" command:    Sets up spektrum on USART 1. Conect to TX pin. Works with telemtry out
		Added "spek_1" command:      Sets up spektrum on USART 1. Conect to TX pin
		Added "spek_t_3" command:    Sets up spektrum on USART 3. Conect to TX pin. Works with telemtry out
		Added "spek_3" command:      Sets up spektrum on USART 3. Conect to RX pin
		Added "taranis_t_1" command: Sets up sbus on USART 1 - Inverted input (standard sbus). Conect to Sbus pin. Works with s.port telemtry out on usart 1 RX pin
		Added "taranis_1" command:   Sets up sbus on USART 1 - Inverted input (standard sbus). Conect to Sbus pin
		Added "taranis_t_3" command: Sets up sbus on USART 3 - Normal input (non standard sbus). Conect to TX pin. Works with s.port telemtry out on usart 3 RX pin
		Added "taranis_3" command:   Sets up sbus on USART 3 - Normal input (non standard sbus). Conect to TX pin
		Added "sumd_1" command:      Sets up SumD on Usart 1. Conect to TX pin
		Added "sumd_3" command:      Sets up SumD on Usart 3. Conect to RX pin

Version 0.114.036
	Changes to loggin

Version 0.113.036
	Add syn-ack log download command

Version 0.112.036
	Fixed an asynchronous rate issue
	Fix for SUMD calibration issue. Needs to be tested
	added ESC 1wire flash and config capabilities
	ESC config and flashing now works

Version 0.111.036
	Added "pidsdefaults" command. Will return pids and filters to default settings
	Added "pidsrs2k" command. Will return pids and filters to RS2K's settings
	Added "pidsabba" command. Will return pids and filters to Abbadessa's settings
	Added "pidstaja" command. Will return pids and filters to Ehitaja's Settings
	Added "pidspg" command. Will return pids and filters to Preston's Settings

Version 0.110.036:
	Finished making SUMD work

Version 0.109.036:
	Changed some dump output text
	Updated failsafe methods
	updated motor mixer
	changed default pids and filter settings. Please try defaults before changing anything

Version 0.108.036:
	Added new motor mixer and command to change it (set motor_mixer=0). Old one is 0, new one is 1
	All "resetXYZ" commands now have "rebootXYZ" aliases. (i.e. resetdfu and rebootdfu do the same thing)

Version 0.107.035:
	Change filtering levels
	Fixed bug causing AXIS_ga to not set sometimes

Version 0.106.034:
	Proper disconnect from BLHeli
	Rearranged startup sequence
	Reticulated Splines
	Removed Herobrine
	Added SUMD protocol. Needs testing

Version 0.105.034:
	Add 1wire support Stage 1
	Add "dump back" command
	Fix some config set issues
	FrSky and Spektrum Telemtry temporarily disabled
	Better bootloader/recovery loader support. This bootloader works with BB420+ and 0.015.034+
	Add version to the top of a dump

Version 0.104.033:
	More Code Cleanup
	Preparing for 1wire support
	Fixed flash logger. Made slightly more intelligent

Version 0.103.033:
	Upped config version and changed defaults
	More Code Cleanup

Version 0.102.032:
	Fixed bug in Sbus failsafe
	Changed how Deadband and Expo work
	Add abilitiy to switch between gyro filter types
		set gyro_filter_type=0
		set kd_filter_type=0
		Kd scale has changed when filter_type=0 is selected
		0 - 100 is a normal range
		filter_type=1 creates a range around 400 to 4000
		I do not recomend using filter_type=1

Version 0.101.031:
	More code cleanup
	Adding new telemetry logic
	Fixed inverted wiz calb
	Gyro filter changes

Version 0.100.030:
	Spektrum Telemetry support
	S.Port support
	Lots and lots of code cleanup

Version 0.091.030:

	Added new expo mode called FAST_EXPO. Set it like so:
		set pitch_curve=3
		set yaw_curve=3
		set roll_curve=3
	Default expo is 1, Fast Expo is 3, Taranis style expo is 2
	Better Dshot support. Try it out at loop_ctrl=8 or rf_loop_ctrl=15 or rf_loop_ctrl=14 only for now
	All rf_loop_ctrl is now supported
	Added value string table:

Version 0.090.030:

	Made a copy of my Taranis model that will work with a new command called taranisdefaultsrf1 if anyone's interested
	Added spekdefaults1 and spekdefaults3 based on whichever usart you use
	spekdefaults 3 will not work with dshot
	I changed the version as well. Next version is 0.090.030.  MAJOR.MINOR.CONFIG
	If config gets incremented you'll know you have to run setup again. The plan is to change that in the future
	Commands Added:
	Commands Removed: