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Patch Notes

                               Version 300.110 RC18:
	Prevent 1wire auto hardfault
	testmotors function only spins one motor at a time now

Version 0.302.114 BETA:
	Added profile support

Version 0.303.114 BETA
	Fix minor drift issue
	Improve spin stopper

Version 0.304.115 BETA
	Fix minor drift issue caused by profile changes to mixer

Version 0.305.115 BETA
	Revise deadband to be smoother
	Inverse logged pitch output
	Fix hot motor issue some people are having

Version 0.306.116 BETA
	Fix profiling switching hang
	Fix profile 3 not working
	Allow demag comp to be changed on ESCs

Version 0.307.117 BETA
	Dshot code cleanup
	Added crossfire RX protocol

Version 0.307.118 ALPHA
	Test witchcraft

Version 0.308.118 ALPHA
	Test CRSF V2 with telemetry support
		this alpha version only works on USART3
			this is temporary
		crsf is not included in the autodetect yet
		so skip wizard 2 and in console run: crsf_t3
			Solder TBS RX pin to USART 3 TX and TX pin to USART3 RX
			set telem_crsf=1 to enable CRSF telemtry output on the USART 3 TX pin

Version 0.309.119 ALPHA
	Fix profile naming bug

Version 0.310.119 ALPHA
	fix mah calc
	adjusted tramp usart setting

Version 0.311.119 through 0.312.120 ALPHA
	code cleanup

Version 0.313.120 BETA
	fix minor DMA conflight with ws2812 leds

Version 0.314.120 BETA
	led update
	update current filter
	update PIDs

Version 0.315.121 BETA
	added bat_size variable for crossfire telemetry
        set bat_size=1300
		measured in mAh
	fixed minor motor calibration issue
	large code optimizations

Version 0.316.122 BETA
	Added flashmsd command
		run this command to access MSD mode for fast log downloads
	Added crsf_otx_cur_hack=1 setting
		Will change crsf telemetry to display mah used in place of battery capacity since openTX does not support battery usage
		default is on which is 1
	Updated defaults

Version 0.317.122 BETA
	Log downloading is made easier
	Log can be read directly from FC without need to download using blackbox log viewer

Version 0.318.123 BETA
    Updated BLHeli_S ESC firmware to 16.76
    Tuned automatic crash detection and recovery slightly
    Dshot changes

Version 0.319.124 BETA
	Added new crossfire options
		CRSF_TELEM - for using an usart TX pin for only crossfire telemetry
		CRSF_T - For using a usart TX pin for CRSF RX
		CRSF_R - For using a usart RX pin for CRSF RX
		CRSF_B - For using a usart RX pin for CRSF RX and the TX pin for crossfire telemetry
			To use with telemetry:
				In Console send:
					set telem_crsf = 3
					set telem_crsf = 1
			To use without telemetry:
				In Console send:

Version 0.320.125 BETA:
	Update defaults
	Adjust PIDs slightly
	Added QUOPA Mode
        "Quad Upsidedown Orientation Press Autorecover"
        Works with multishot and dshot
            ESCs must be capable of running dshot600 though
            ESCs must be updated to at least version 16.76

Version 0.321.126 BETA:
	Limit QUOPA to 5 seconds per attempt
	Added set quopa_style=0 variable
		0 will always use all four motors to get quad unstuck
		1 will limit use of motors to get quad unstuck
			will not work as well but is much easier on motors and ESCs
	Config dump now stored in flight log
	Added voltage and current to logging
	Added set log_mask1 and log_mask2 variables
		You can now choose which items you want logged
			currently disabled
			everything is currently logged
	Include BLHeli version 16.77
		remove startup power lock

Version 0.322.127 BETA:
	Sped up Wizard 2
	Added CRSF to auto detection
		Crsf telemetry must still be enabled separately as this cannot be auto detected at this time
			After running the wizards you can enaabled CRSF tlemetry in the GUI - no need to set CRSF R, T or B option as before

Version 0.323.127 BETA:
	Added filter_typeX=4 and filter_typeX=1 variables (where X is the profile number)
		filter_typeX=0 default filter with default behavior
		filter_typeX=1 new filter with better max throttle and noise handling
		filter_typeX=4 default filter with better max throttle and noise handling
			it is not recomended to use filter_typeX=2 or 3 at this time

Version 0.324.127 BETA:
	Allow filter_typeX=4 to be saved
	changed motor output on log to match blheli's scaled motor output (1000 to 1850 scale from 1000 to 2000 scale)
		rf1 uses a true output of 0 to 100% where 0 is idle and 100% is full throttle