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Revolt FC
Performance based, responsive flight controller designed to work at peak efficiency with RF1 firmware! The Revolt supports true 32kHz refresh rates across the board.
Electronic Speed Controllers
As with all our products, our ESCs are something we believe in and love to use! Performance based, and stackable with the Revolt for those that want an ultra-clean build!
Motors that provide amazing power while remaining efficient, our RaceFlight branded motors come in 2205 options and run 2600kv for awesome power on the track!
RF1 Firmware
RaceFlight One is the brain child of Kalyn Doerr and Preston Garrison. RaceFlight’s proprietary, ground up firmware provides the ultimate performance on your Revolt FC. Efficient code that provides more responsiveness across the board and logging at 32kHz where no one else could. Fly, RaceFlight One and you won’t want to fly anything else!
Replacement Program
Modern electronics are delicate and truly not meant to be put through the torture us miniquad pilots put them through. This leads to components breaking. That’s why we’ve implemented a replacement plan for our Revolt FC that allows you cheaply replace your Revolt if you break it! Contact support@raceflight.net for more information.
Fast and Efficient Support
If any issue arises, we are available at almost all hours of the day! Who needs sleep? We’re here to help you achieve the amazing flying experience you want. Contact support@raceflight.net or @support @adriel @proggod @prestongiii on raceflight.slack.com.
Performance Products

RaceFlight Revolt

The flight controller that started it all! The RaceFlight Revolt flight controller is the most advanced, performance driven, flight controller ever designed. The RaceFlight engineering team spent a long time on development to bring the best hardware available in a smooth, refined package. The Revolt pairs perfectly with RaceFlight One firmware.

RaceFlight Bolt

A 4n1 electronic speed controller designed to give you miniquad a bolting boost of performance and maximum speed. The Bolt is stackable with the Revolt. All you have to do is solder the pins. But if you want to change it around, reduce noise even more, and use the flat side of your Revolt for mounting, then you can also solder wires from your Revolt to your Bolt. Either way, the choice is your, the Bolt does the performance.

Mini Revolt - Millivolt

When you can’t fit a Revolt in your build, the obvious choice becomes the Millivolt! All the performance of RF1, built into a tiny 20mm x 20mm package, the Millivolt is perfect for your micro builds. Pair it with a RaceFlight Spark, and you have a stack built for performance.

RaceFlight Spark

A scaled down version of the Bolt, the Spark provides the electronic speed controller power you need for that tiny micro quad-copter. The Spark pairs perfectly with 3″ propellers and it’s flight controller counterpart – the Millivolt.

RaceFlight Warp Speed Motors

The most powerful brushless miniquad motors to date, these 2308 RaceFlight motors are a freestyle and racing pilot’s dream! Despite being powerful, they’re really efficient when taking into consideration the stator size. 6″ inch propellers shine on 2300kv, while 5″ propellers shine on 2600kv; these motors will take you to new speeds.

RaceFlight BrainDrain Frames

Innovative racing and freestyle frames designed by Brian “BrainDrain” Morris. The Skinny Kid features durability, light weight, and innovative stack and arm configurations. The Twig features the most innovative, light-weight racer with new mounting holes for the new Warp 5 motors. The Big Deal features the amazing power of 3″ in conjunction with the Millivolt-Spark stack, and Warp 1 & 2 motors. Picking any of these frames, if not all, is a smart decision and will give you an edge on race day!
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CEO of RaceFlight, Preston Garrison has an extreme passion for drone racing and wants everyone to have the best experience possible.

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